Software as a service, for your meal delivery business.

Grow your business with a mobile app, and seamlessly outsource delivery.

Your Branded App's Features:

🍽️ Personalized Branding

With Prepped, you’ll have your own Android, iOS, and web apps branded with your logo, ensuring a professional impression on a broader audience.

📦 No-Cost Delivery Fulfillment

We provide delivery to your customers, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience, at no cost to you.

📲 Real-Time Updates

Keep your customers engaged and informed with push notifications during delivery or when meals are ready to be picked up.

🥗 Nutritional Precision

Our platform dynamically updates macro-nutrients as users adjust their orders, providing accurate nutritional information. Say goodbye to manual calculations!

🏋️ Fitness Progress Tracking

Enhance customer loyalty by tracking clients’ fitness milestones and offering them access to an AI-based personal trainer right from your app.

💰 Rapid Sales Closure

Experience an average of 53 seconds to close a sale with our streamlined checkout process, boosting your revenue.

💳 Multiple Payment Options

Offer secure and convenient transactions with Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Stripe integration.

📊 Inventory Management

Effortlessly manage your inventory through our all-in-one administrator portal, keeping track of stock and ensuring smooth operations.

💡 Flexible Subscription Model

Tailor subscriptions to meet your clients’ needs, whether fixed schedules or on-demand deliveries.

👨‍💼 All-In-One Administrator Portal

Manage incoming orders, track subscriptions, and generate shopping lists seamlessly.

Feature Rich Software. No Upfront Costs.

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